Why do Eyes get red?

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Why do Eyes get red?

Usually when our eyes turn red, we are branded as vampires because of the bloodshot eyes. But actually, red eyes have several causes.

Our eyes turn red because of infection and inflammation. Sometimes, we are exposed to too much heat and this can irritate our eyes. If we are also exposed to dust and allergies, our eyes will itch and turn to red.

Sometimes, red eye is caused by wearing contact lenses. If the contacts are infected, this will cause inflammation of the eyes. Injuries can also cause our eyes to bleed especially if the wound happens to be nearer the eye. There might be blood vessels in the eyes that were damaged so this can cause bloody area within the sclera.

Infection of the conjunctiva (membrane that coats the surface of the eye) which is caused by virus or bacteria is also one cause of sore eye. This is very contagious that’s why when people suffer this disease they should not be exposed to the public.

Red eyes can also be an indication that a person is taking illegal drugs such as marijuana or cocaine. This is because drug addicts are deprived of sleep. When they lack sleep, their eyes become tired leading to red eyes.

Eye strain is another possibility why our eyes turn red. If we overused our eyes especially when we spend almost all the time in front of the computer, our eyes will definitely get red. To relax our eyes and to return it to the usual color, we need to stare at a long distance such as the mountains and the beach.

When we irritate our eyes, we often put eye drops. But be careful in using eye drops because it can also contribute to eye redness. If you suffer from red eyes, consult your doctor immediately so that you will be given proper medication and remedy.

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