Why do fads disappear?

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‘Fads’ refer to some kind of behavior or situation wherein a significant part of a group of people, for example, is overly enthusiastic about something for a certain period of time.  Usually fads last for a short period only, or at least until most people get to see or experience a new thing or craze.  Fads are also expected to disappear for the simple reason that people’s enthusiasm over a lot of things will eventually wane.  Some people also get to experience new things and move on from one fad to another.  There are people also who realize that certain fads are not worth hanging on to but would rather make themselves feel happy to move on.

Fads may come in different forms.  One such form involves clothing and accessories.  Many people in the world have already experienced fads in terms of the coolest getups, the most sought-after shoes for the season, or the best in terms of gadgets.  At the beginning of a fad, many people will be eager to buy what is popular or what is the latest.  In the case of gadgets, for example, people may crave to get the latest mobile phone with the best features and unique design.  Having such a phone will literally make people happy with some feeling powerful or hip.  But after some time, people will also get used to having the supposedly coolest mobile phone in the world.  Interest for the gadget will soon wane and disappear as new models will come out, or as people will realize that they are better off with other basic phone models.  This kind of fad may also be applied to people’s feelings towards a favorite food item, the latest exercise craze, the hippest urban lingo, and lots of other things.

Regardless of form, though, many fads will basically disappear one by one over a certain period of time. Some fads may linger for a couple of months or years, but the level of people’s excitement or enthusiasm will not be sustained, and eventually many of these people will lose interest in a particular fad and move on to other things.

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