Why Do Fallopian Tubes Get Blocked?

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The Fallopian tube is a very important component of the woman’s reproductive system. The tube connects the ovaries to the uterus. This makes it an essential part of reproduction since fertilisation takes place in the tube. Even though there are several causes of infertility in women, the problems relating to the blockage of the Fallopian tube dominate.

When the Fallopian tube is blocked, the egg cannot get into contact with the sperm and therefore no fertilisation can take place.
Understanding this, many people have asked what actually causes the Fallopian tube to block. Below are some of the reasons why the Fallopian tubes would block.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease – This is a very common cause of full or partial Fallopian tube blockage as a result of a scar tissue formed after recovery. Such diseases cause inflammation in the reproductive system and are often as a result of sexually transmitted infections. Examples of such infections are Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea.

Fallopian Tube Damage – The Fallopian tube is very delicate and is narrow as well. Any slight blockage can end up causing infertility. There are a number of causes of Fallopian tubal damage. Having a small amount of progesterone, use of fertility pills or smoking are some of the things that may have an adverse bearing on the Fallopian tube. This could end up fully or partially blocking the Fallopian tube.

Fibroid Tumours – This is a condition that is increasing alarmingly among women across the globe. There is no established cause of fibroid tumours yet. Even though there are symptoms associated with uterine tumours as this condition is also called, there are women who develop the condition without any symptoms.

Proximal tubal occlusion – Several people who have reported this condition are persons who have had complications as a result of attempted or successful abortions, failed miscarriage or surgical procedures undertaken during birth. Most of such conditions result in permanent blockage of the Fallopian tube, resulting in infertility.

There are several other causes of Fallopian tube blockage. Some of which include ectopic pregnancy, genital tuberculosis, proximal tubal occlusion, endometriosis, distal tubal occlusion and many more.

The diagnosis and possible unblocking are reserves of health professionals and thus the affected persons should seek the attention of health experts.

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