Why do Farts Stink?


Why do farts stink?

A fart is a combination of many gases such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide and methane that comes from our stomachs and intestines and leaves our anus. All of us can produce a fart, or scientifically, flatulence, that is equal to around a pint of gas each day.

Farts often come out quiet and odorless that we do not notice them at all. However, there are many times that they come loud and stinky, too, which becomes a reason for embarrassment in many situations. So, why do we actually produce fart and why do they stink?

The gas that comes out of our bodies through the fart actually does not only come from the gases in our stomachs and intestines. They also come from the gas from the blood that comes out from the intestines, from the chemical reactions inside our bodies, from the bacteria inside our guts and even from the air that we breathe.

These air sources may be the reason for a stinky fart. The odor in a person’s fart can be contributed to the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas that, obviously, from its name, contains sulfur. Thus, the more sulfur-rich your food is ‘š examples of which are eggs and meat ‘š the more stinky your fart can become. Beans can also produce more farts although it is not always a stinky one.

If you do not like to be farting around so much, you can try swallowing lesser air than normal. Avoiding carbonated drinks could also help you reduce farting. Some foods that contain certain types of sugars like raffinose and verbascose ‘š these are called flatulence factors ‘š could also cause you to fart more than usual. However, on average, a person farts around 16 times each day so producing gas once in a while throughout the day is something very normal.

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