Why do fathers abandon their children?


Why do fathers abandon their children?

A father is described as a man who has a child or children. No man can ever become a father without a son or a daughter. As an important entity in the basic unit of society, a family, a father bears the weight of maintaining and securing the foundation of the family members. A father serves as a wall that protects his family and ensures that his family is thriving well enough to live a life. A father is one important figure in the society. Although he bears the major responsibility of raising his children and keeping his family intact and in good faith, a good father always thinks of what is best his wife and his children.

In the modern era, the concept of a fatherless family has become a dominant status among existing families. It is not already unusual for families, in today’s time, to be comprising only of the mother and the child or children. In some circumstances, the tendency for the father is much greater due to increasing responsibilities because of the presence of a child or children. In the study of human behavior, the behavior of some fathers leaving their children have been put to study. Studies have revealed that the most common reason of men in leaving their children is because of an existence of an inner and outer conflict taking place at the same time. Men are known to avoid issues regarding feelings and emotions and in cases where family conflicts arise, it becomes one great battle for them. In order for most fathers to escape from such predicaments, they opt to abandon their children. However, some fathers leave because they are too afraid to face the additional duties and responsibilities entailed in raising a family with children.

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  1. Joepublicva

    December 9, 2012 6:50 pm

    So narrow in are the views expressed here it wonder that little is ever done bout social bias against fathers. In almost every blog bout this ossue none ever addresses bad jurisprudence. The social manipulation by judges is that hidden dirty secret a benefiting custodial parent will never complain about n a helpless intimidated father left voiceless. At the time of my forced seperation from my daughter 20 yrs ago kaye was in chrg n it was common knowledge that queens family court was biased against fathers. Now judith kaye is a judicial appointment advisor more of the manipulation by courts will likely continue.


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