Why Do Federal Judges Serve For Life?

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Why Do Federal Judges Serve For Life?

When people speak of a Federal Judge in the United States of America, the common notion is to assume that the President of America himself appointed the judge. More so, there is that belief that this appointed was endorsed by the American Senate in accordance to the codes of the United States Constitution and Laws.

When it comes to tenure and salary, federal judges are rather distinct as compared to their counterpart judges. Why? Because federal judges are appointed for life and are to hold on to their seats until they decide to resign, when they die or when they are impeached. More so, these federal judges cannot be instantaneously removed from their office unless dictated by the House of Representatives with the confirmation of the United States Senate including several legal scholars and counsels. In other words, federal judges have the number one and best job security in the entire United States!

So what is the government’s basis in rationale for appointing their federal judges to a lifetime of service? For them, it is common sense. They believe that with age and experience, more wisdom is gained and impacts a judge’s good performance and decorum throughout his years of service. Therefore, it would be shameful to force them out of office only after a few years of good service to the country.

Another reason as to why federal judges serve lifetime tenure is because the consistence of being in one job for several years saves them from a lot of political pressure and political favor with the changing politicians and times. In this manner, elections and re-elections is no longer a part of their concern and they are able to preserve their judicial independence while they are better off serving other purposeful goals for the country.

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