Why do Feet hurt?

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Why do Feet hurt?

Our feet are one of the most useful parts of our body but we pay little attention to it. Sometimes, we neglect our feet even if these sore already. But why do our feet hurt?

Our feet also get tired because of our daily activities. We all know that our feet are used to walk, run, and support our body. For a day of being useful, our feet will definitely hurt. If we use high-heeled shoes and closed footwear, the tendency is, our feet could not relax. This can also be a factor of sore feet.

Aside from that there are ailments that our feet may suffer if we don’t take care of those. One of them is the bunions of the enlargement of the big toe. If our toe is always rubbed with our shoe, calluses will form which will later swell and cause pain. The joint in the base of our big toe will be affected.

If we always clip our nails and carelessly trimmed them, the tendency is, our nails will pierce the skin or the skin may grow in the nails. This is called ingrown toenails and this hurts very much.

Most of the causes of sore feet can be blamed to the disease that we suffer such as heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney stone, and diabetes. There are times that the feet swell because it is also affected by blood circulation. Swollen feet can be an indication of certain disease in our internal organ.

Sometimes, because of lack of exercise and the wearing of wrong shoes, our feet also get numb. It is important that we massage our feet once in a while to let the blood circulate. It is also needed to buy appropriate footwear. Our feet will not get hurt if they are comfortable.

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