Why Do Feet swell in hot Weather?

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Why Do Feet swell in hot Weather?

Once your feet swell in hot weather then this might be because of edema. It is the accretion of excess fluid in your body. Feet is one of the most important part in your body, it is because your feet takes you to various places wherein you can have memorable and great experiences. Therefore, everyone should take good care of their feet. You can start through being aware of the possible reasons why your feet may swell during hot weather, this is particularly if you are fond of going on a vacation or frolic with your friends in various places and cities during summer.

First possible reason is that your skin can get damp once it reabsorbs moist. So, you have to make sure you are not wearing close shoes or foot gears that cause severe heat to your feet. It will cause too much sweat and when your skin reabsorbs this sweat then it can lead to swelling of your feet. You have to make sure to wash and dry your feet properly as well as you also have to consider massaging it at night for at least fifteen minutes or so before you go to bed.

Another possible reason is that too much heat can make blood vessel expand. Therefore, the fluids in your body will probably move to your legs down on your feet through gravity. Imbalance of salt in the body causes the risk of heat edema or swelling of the feet. This commonly happens to elderly as they are the ones who are having other physical problems compared to young people. Nonetheless it does not necessarily mean that young people are free from experiencing it, you still have to be well aware of the things that you should do to avoid swelling of feet during hot weather.

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