Why Do Female Dogs Hump?

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Why Do Female Dogs Hump?

Everyone who has ever owned a dog, whether they are a male or a female dog, has been introduced to the strange world of dogs humping each other as well as stuffed animals and people. This can definitely be funny at times, but also is quite annoying if you have an oversexed animal on yours hands. All of the dogs that I have had in my life have, at one point or another, tried to do a little humping of their own, so I know exactly what everyone else has gone through in their own similar situations.

It is understandable when a male dog gets down to its humping business, but it is often questioned why female dogs, who obviously do not have the same extroverted sexual organs that male dogs do, do the same thing in the same exact way. Well, the reason is pretty basic and it turns out that female dogs do the humping for the exact same reason that male dogs do. It is a hormone driven reaction and is a sense of release for even female dogs. It definitely sounds and looks strange, but it seems that female dogs get just as aroused and expressive about it than the male dogs do.

I have never owned a female dog, so I have never actually seen this happen in person before, but it is definitely a medical fact that female dogs have just as much of a sex drive as male dogs do. So, if your female dog starts getting into a humping frenzy all of a sudden, you should not think that she has some sort of medical issue or anything like that. It is completely normal for a female dog to hump just as it is the same for a male dog. It will definitely give you a little bit of a chuckle, but make sure it does not become a habit.

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