Why Do Finger Nails Peel?

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Why Do Finger Nails Peel?

Fingernails are one of the special parts of our body which are most often than not disregarded by most of us since they seem to be too insignificant and simply trivial. These fingernails cover the sensitive part of our fingers and protect them from getting infected or harmed due to various factors such as accident or strong chemicals exposed to our fingers. Once we fail to take good care of our fingernails, there is a greater tendency for it to peel. Most importantly, our fingernails may even get broken and cause us pain or annoyance.

In most cases, fingernails can be due to medical and non-medical reasons. Among the medical causes include various bacteria and fungi that affect the fingernails causing it to peel sometimes beyond control. These are just few of the medical causes of nail peeling since there is also psoriasis which can lead to someone’s nails to peel off as well. If the person afflicted by psoriasis, bacteria or fungi will not get the attention of doctors for prompt medical treatment then there might be greater problems that he may face in view of other illnesses which may also cause the nails to get infected.

On the other hand, the usual and common reason for finger nails’ peeling in view of non-medical factor is the prolonged exposure to certain harmful chemicals. To avoid further damage to your finger nails, you then must be extra careful in view of exposing your nails to hazardous chemicals in your place of work or in any place you encounter them. If this is observed meticulously, then there is no reason for you to have peeling fingers.

Aging is another primary cause for finger nails peeling. As we grow old, our body’s oil diminishes and this is one reason why we experience dryness. If this will not be addressed with the help of lotion or Vitamin E, the peeling of our finger nails will continue beyond repair.

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