Why do Fingernails split?

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Why do fingernails split?

Ridges are formed from nails and get split into layers. The nails also split when exposed to chemicals, cleaning products, and manicure products or artificial nails. The nails get dried to a certain level and will be forced to get split, broken or cracked. It is always better to clip the nails to keep them short in order to keep them healthy. The polish has to be removed from the nails and the rubber gloves have to be used for household activities while using strong liquids. It is healthy to use some soft lotions or cleansing agents near the sinks that are useful for cleaning the nails while washing the hands. The shape of the nail that is coming out of the finger tip must be in a better shape when it is out of the finger.

The moon shaped area at the bottom of the nail is the place where the new nail cells are formed. When the cells of the nail die, they get filled with protein matrix which is composed of keratin fibers that makes them to become hard. The tip of the finger nail is the oldest region which is susceptible to break. Some of the physicians consider the deficiency in nutrition as the reason for disorders of nail. The nutrients will influence the growth of the finger nails. Diet without enough protein content in it will result in weak nails. If the nails do not get proteinaceous diet, the protein fibers are not used for keratinization of the nails. The nails become brittle even if folic acid and vitamin C are not provided.

Chewing the nails and pricking them will break them and allow them to be acted upon by the bacteria present in the mouth. If there is any infection lying underneath the nail, the blood stops flowing to that location and the moisture content at that place gets reduced. Gradually, when the nail dries out it becomes brittle and will start to break or peel.

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