Why do flies land on people?

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Flies can be really bothersome. No matter how much you shoo them away, they always seem intent to return to you. It is as if they are somehow fascinated by you, very much like a child seeing a candy store. And that is very much the case.

Flies are scavengers by nature, and our bodies are a real delight for them. Because we perspire, shed skin and secrete oils, flies tend to set camp on our bodies and partake in all of these edible ‘foods’. Flies are equipped with a brilliant sense of smell and sight, and can see their score at a distant. So even if we might feel clean and see nothing untoward on our body, the flies can.

It is not only about food either. Flies are constantly on the hunt for warm places to poop, vomit and lay eggs. The human skin is a source of warmth to them, and a perfect place to perform all these functions. It is often observed, that if left undisturbed, a fly will keep sitting and work on your skin for quite a long time. It might be performing any of the above mentioned acts!

Such behavior on the part of flies calls for extreme caution. Flies carry diseases to and fro from places and every time they land on your arm, it is shaking off germs and bacteria onto you. Flies often tend to sit on open wounds, and even though they have no intention of sucking off your blood, they can cause it to get infected.  So try to avoid flies as much as you can, and if need be, swat them if it comes to that! Perhaps the easiest advice to follow is to keep clean as much as possible.

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