Why Do Fox Scream?


Why Do Fox Scream?

Most often than not, foxes are fond of screaming primarily when they are in their copulation period. This season is one reality that pisses off most of the neighbourhood since their sleep or resting time may be disturbed by the loud and almost eerie scream of these foxes. Most of the times it is the female fox which do the screaming, yet contrary to the usual belief, even male foxes are also capable of screaming though the reason may vary in one way or another.

The female screams as her own way of attracting would be mate and this is their way of getting the attention of the other gender. Once the female fox catches a male gender to be her mate, she will then create a loud annoying scream to signal of their copulation and in less than 20 seconds, she will again make such loud noise to mark that their intercourse is finally over.

The male fox however do scream as an indication that he might have been injured in some way or the other. This particular noise will signal to other foxes to come to his rescue and do the necessary things in order to help him or at least alleviate his suffering through tongue licking. In so doing, the injured male fox will eventually feel better and taken care of by his fellow foxes.

Territorial issue can also trigger these foxes to create the loudest sound or scream that they can possibly make in order for they to call the attention of all of their members that a threat against their territory and safety is at hand. Because of this very distinct and particular noise, the other foxes wandering somewhere else will hurriedly go to the area where they heard the sound and offer their help in combating the enemies. Screaming hence plays a very vital role in the lives of the foxes

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2 Responses

  1. Mike Kormendy

    January 29, 2014 10:25 pm

    Please cite your sources for your information. I don’t believe any of the information on this website and frankly it’s not credible without references.

    • chris byard

      October 22, 2016 10:05 pm

      I have been hearing either two or three surrounding my house for the past two weeks. They seem to be communicating I’m pretty sure that the female is not beginning and ending copulation every 15 to 20 seconds. As far as danger or injury, there is more than likely a cat around, but I haven’t seen or heard it in 20 yrs. Otherwise, nothing has changed.


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