Why do fruits conduct electricity?

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Fruits are great conductors of electricity because of the simple reason that they contain water and various chemicals that literally allow electric energy to pass through them.  The water content alone is usually enough to allow electricity to pass through certain objects including fruits.  There are also various chemicals and substances inside many fruits and these also contribute to their electrical conductivity. The level of electrical conductivity will basically depend on the water content and the amount of other substances.  The more water and chemicals there is in fruit, the more amount of electrical energy it will allow to pass through.  Electrical conduction happens when the substances in a particular object is able to react with another metallic element and allows for electrons to run through from one end to the next.  In the case of fruits, electrical conduction is allowed because of the water and ions present in them.

Citrus fruits are considered very acidic in nature and this property literally makes them good conductors of electricity.  When fruits have more acid in them, it simply means that there are various free ions floating around which could add to their electrical conductivity.  Lemons and oranges for example are classified as citrus fruits and acidic in nature.  They are only a few examples of fruits that have high electrical conductivity.

To demonstrate how fruits conduct electricity, many people simply test the reaction of the fruit’s water and ion content with the presence of a metal object.  Experiments are usually done to show which fruit conducts the most amount of electricity compared to others.  In general, the more acid and water content the fruit has the more electricity will it allow to pass through it.  In terms of conducting experiments, simple materials are needed to check how much electricity a particular fruit can conduct.  Many people also use light bulbs for these experiments.  The brighter the light produced, the more electricity is said to be conducted.

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