Why do Gallbladders go bad?

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Why do Gallbladders go bad?

It was reported that only about 20 percent of people having gall bladder stones suffer from the pain and rest of the people do not have pain at all. Problem in gall bladder arises due to pain at the right abdomen or at the right shoulder. Pain also may rise at the center of the abdomen and on the breast bone. The pain that results will be constant and gradually get enhanced. The pain reaches to its heights and then slowly reduces after taking heavy meal. Gall bladder stones can create other symptoms like nausea, heart burn, flatulence, belching, stomach fullness and vomiting.
The main reason for the gall bladder to get problems is excess intake of saturated fats. If the body is overloaded with chemicals, processed foods, junk foods and saturated animal fat then it can create problems to the gall bladder. If the liver is overloaded with saturated fats then gall bladder becomes stressed and swollen. The saturated fats will be converted to cholesterol and get deposited. When enough cholesterol have deposited, they form crystals in the bile which are called as gall stones.
It was found that females have more gall stones than males. Females who are aged around 40 years and are obese can have more chances of getting gall stones. Around 20 percent of people above the age of 65 years were found to develop gall stones and suffer from pain. It was reported that about half million number of surgeries are carried out every year to take away gall bladder due to some disorder in it. Most common problem with the gall bladder is gall stones formation.
Other reasons for the problems in gall bladder are constipation, intestinal diseases, low fiber diet, dental disorders, rapid weight loss, stress, food allergies, digestive disorders, and infection with parasites can cause gall stones or gall bladder disorders. Taking monounsaturated fats like olive oil or coconut oil is considered good for avoiding gall bladder problems. Excess intake of saturated fats or completely avoiding eating fats can cause gall stones. Eating vegetarian diet and avoiding animal food can keep you away from gall problems. The weight reduction should be gradual, slow and not rapid to avoid gall bladder stones.

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