Why Do Gangs Exist?

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Why Do Gangs Exist?

Gangs exist for camaraderie and acceptance. The more people lack these sense of being accepted and the need to be with others, the more that these gangs will proliferate and emerge like mushrooms in our society. These gangs sometimes have evil and untoward principles which make them appear negatively in the eyes of people in society. Every time you hear the word gang, people will either frown at them or be frightened by them.

These gangs continually exist because of this basic need of man to belong. Man as a social cannot but be with someone else either with his family members and friends or with those whom he thinks could understand and accept him whatever he maybe. These then are the groups which are famous in our society among the youth, namely the gangs. Aside from belongingness as a need, people too are quite desperate sometimes with how their neighbors view and treat the lowly and the insignificant. Hence in order to be recognized and in order to have a voice at least if not the power, these gangs are most often than not resorted to by confused youth adulthood.

Society and other social institutions like the Church, schools and family, most importantly the government, should work hand in hand in addressing the rampant and seemingly unstoppable riots caused by theses gangs. They must take into account of checking the grassroots in view of this issue. Only then can we truly say that these gangs will not anymore threaten our safety.

Finally, the gangs exist to be recognized and to be accepted once and for all. They want their ideals to be heard and they want a certain place under the sun. In order for these gangs to catch attention from those in authority and even from those whom they love, they sometimes do things beyond the ordinary such as riots, uprising and conflicts or wars.

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