Why do Geese Hiss?

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Why do Geese Hiss?

Geese are often mistaken as ducks due to their white color and appearance and vice versa. A goose, depending on its subspecies can weigh about six to 13 pounds and they can fly up to 50 mph. Geese have a full lifespan of 24 years. Their nest is usually located in places which are elevated and near bodies or freshwater like streams, ponds, lakes and sometimes on a beaver lodge.

One type of subspecies is the Canadian goose which can be identified as having a black colored head and neck with a white patch on the face and a brownish gray body. These birds are often seen travelling together as a flock forming in the shape of the letter ‘V,. Whenever you see them travelling in a large group, this is a good sign that autumn is coming.

Today, some of these Canadian goose have resided in places where there are a lot of people like in a golf course country club. And whenever they encounter a pet dog or a person and they feel threatened, they hiss at them and sometimes they charge at them.

Geese are known as territorial birds. They have that natural tendency to defend themselves and their nest against any human or pet who impose as a threat to them and their goslings. It is said that an aggressive adult goose can easily knock down a child or a senior citizen. So it is best to stay away from an angry goose.

When a goose attacks, they will give you a hiss while standing erect, wings spread and head reared then they charge at you. They sometimes fly upwards to hit a person or a pet dog or cat in the face. Not always, but they also tend to bite or attack you by flapping their wings. This commonly occurs in places like a parking lot of a shrubbery near buildings where the goose have its nest.

In conclusion, geese hiss when they are defending their territories, eggs, goslings and themselves. So I suggest that when you encounter a goose, be careful not to make them angry.

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