Why do gel nails lift?

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Gel nails are the latest when it comes to nail care.  Many women especially like this type of nail procedure because of the durability it provides to the nail color or polish.  With gel nails, the polish can last for up to three weeks. The basic procedure involved in gel nails starts with the nail bed preparation. To make the nail gel adhere to the nail bed, it must go through a texturizing process.  Once done, a primer coat of gel will then be applied. Several layers of nail gel will then be applied depending on the preferred color coating.  These layers will then be exposed to ultraviolet light to dry them and make them stronger.  A smooth polish is the last layer to be applied on the gel nails.  With this seemingly more complicated process than standard nail polish application, some women experience a problem called nail lifting.  This happens when part of the nail gel separates from the nail bed, and it could occur in various parts of the nail but more commonly on the cuticle part or on the side areas.

One common reason for gel nail lifting is poor preparation of the nail bed. When the nail bed is not properly texturized, there will also be poor contact between the nail bed and the gel. When this happens, there is a great tendency that the gel nail will not adhere to the nail bed properly despite exposure to UV light. Sometimes the lifting may also be due to the technique of application. Experts in gel nail application typically follow basic guidelines in terms of preparation and application.  All details are considered including the moisture involved, the quality and quantity of gels, and the exact timing of polish and gel application.

There are also cases wherein the gel nail lifting may be attributed to the actual health of the person who had her nails done.  Poor health may mean poor circulation in the nail area, and this may also contribute to weaker bonding between the nails and the gel.  Previously damaged nails from various procedures may also be the culprit in terms of gel nail lifting.


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