Why do Gerbils Eat their Babies?

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Why do Gerbils Eat their Babies?

Many people all over the world would love to raise gerbils at home. Some have also expressed that gerbils are eating their babies as soon as they give birth to them. Some people say that gerbils are not that cruel to eat away their own babies. They will eat the babies when the babies die. It is studied that gerbil mother will be very watchful to avoid any harm that might come from the surroundings to her babies. The mother gerbil will be very much alert to protect her new born babies. Even a small disturbance created by anyone to her shelter or her babies will not be tolerated by her.

If the new born gerbils exist in the nest it is better not to go nearer to them just after their birth. If the mother gerbil is doubtful that someone is watching her pups or if you try to move the nest a little bit then she might become stressful. The mother gerbil eats her pups when she is mentally stressed. She does not allow any distress for her pups while she eats them. It is better to stay away from the newborn gerbils for few days because if we even go to count the number of pups inside, it might cause the mother to turn violent.

It seems mother gerbil needs to have privacy regarding maintaining her pups just after their birth. Many people who raise gerbils do not accept that gerbils eat away their dead pups. Gerbil mothers eat their babies probably to get proper nutrition. Sometimes it can happen that she eats few babies to get enough energy in order to feed others. The mother gerbil seems to eat the placenta of the newborn and also that of stillborn. Normally the mother is seen to lick the newborn gerbils to clean and dry them. Hence it is found that gerbils eat their babies mainly when they feel that the babies are insecure.

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