Why Do Ghosts Haunt People?

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Why Do Ghosts Haunt People?

When there is something strange in your neighborhood, don’t call the Ghostbusters right away. You have to make sure that what you are experiencing is ‘paranormal, and not your brain messing around with you. People tend to hear and see things that their brain wants them to see and hear. The idea of ghosts had been present since early times, when something can’t be explained (in regards to spirits/ghosts) they refer to it as paranormal. Something not comprehended by normal human thoughts, logic, understanding, and experience and can’t be ‘scientifically, explained.

Ghosts are called by many as lingering spirits that walks the earth due to some ‘un-finished business,. Some of them are believed to haunt places that hold some sort of attachment to them. There are many kinds of ghosts, some are seen through photos, videos and even recorded via audio. Critics still says that ghosts are just pigments of our imagination and the workings of the human mind. They say that when we visit places with large amounts of ‘electro magnetic waves, they tend to mess around with our perception and makes us hear and see things.

Ghost hunters however claim that these ethereal forms of once living beings have stories to tell. Ghosts have no definite shape and size and their forms are called ‘ectoplasm,. They appear in semi-transparent, mist like, human like forms that is witnessed by millions around the planet.
They believe that ghost doesn’t intentionally haunt people; they just tend to be where the ghosts are.

Ghost haunting had been a favorite topic of people especially when they experience something similar. Some people believe that they are their deceased love ones just checking on them and making sure that they are doing fine. If that were always the case, then everyone would have welcomed ghosts with open arms,¦and not run for their lives.

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