Why Do Girls Like Pink?

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Why Do Girls Like Pink?

When setting up a nice nursery or room for your soon-to-arrive baby, you know that shades of pink would be right for girls and shades of blue would be the perfect combination for boys. So is color preference an outcome of the double standards in the past that men are to be masculine and women submissive to the men? Why is it that women prefer light colors while men like them dark? Why do girls like pink?

Apparently that notion that girls like the color pink while boys like blue is no false assumption at all. In fact, there is a scientific basis to this according to a study made about a person’s color preferences. So does gender really affect a person’s taste of color? The answer to that is yes.

If you think that this is solely because women are brought up to be soft and feminine while males are bred to become masculine, then maybe you should think again. A lot of studies now show that this natural occurrence actually root down to genes more than a person’s upbringing. You can say that it is in the biological programming of a female to prefer the colors pink or others with a redder shade of blue than the color itself.

To further support the research, it was found out that a man and a woman’s color preference actually dates back to early evolution when women’s role in the circle of life was to bare children and tends for them while men or their husbands hunted for food. As caregivers, women are expected to have a particularly sensitive touch when it comes to the skin color or her child. A woman can tell when her child is feverish or when her child is coming down with flu by just looking at a pale face or feeling clammy hands. Therefore this gives the woman the innate credit of being the empathizer about the human species.

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