Why do Gnats follow you?

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Why do Gnats follow you?

Gnats are small insects that aggregate to form groups near warm regions as well as at damp regions. It is a common complaint by many people that gnats keep surrounding them. Gnats often follow us where ever we go either at the house or at office. There is no particular reason for gnats to follow you in groups. But, they have general tendency to reside on the mammalian skin. Some people say that having high blood sugar might attract gnats towards your blood and hence they wander around you and follow you. Some people believe that gnats follow us when we have any plants nearer to us which are watered regularly. Gnats survive in the places where the soil is moist always. Some people say that gnats get attracted to low salt and repelled by high salt content. People with more sweat attract gnats very much.

Gnats are believed to approach people who are not clean. They are known to get attracted to those who wear perfume and use soap which smells like a fruit. As most of the gnats are fruit flies, they might follow us if we smell like fruits. The detergents or shampoos that we use might give fruit odor. It is also said that eating B-complex vitamin might keep the gnats away from your body as the smell will not allow them to approach you.

There is another theory that eye gnats are attracted towards mucus that is exuded from the eyes. Some people have practically noticed that the acid reflux and sinus drainage might be causing the gnats to get attracted to us. Though you keep your surroundings, yourself and your things clean, body mucus can probably make the gnats to follow you. Taking in multivitamin and garlic in the diet was found to be helping a little bit to lessen the gnats to follow you. It is observed that using pine tar soap has prevented the roaming of gnats around us.

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  1. Elonzo

    March 22, 2015 6:17 pm

    It appears that there is one gnat that is annoying me and I can’t get rid of it. Itfollows me everywhere. I am a diabetic could that be the reason?I can’t see it and it is constantly trying to get in my ear.I tried spraying but that doesn’t help.What can I do?..I need serious help.


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