Why Do Gold Fish Turn White?

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Why Do Gold Fish Turn White?

Generally, the most common reason why gold fish turn to white is due to old age. Their life span has this mechanism wherein they eventually fade in view of their golden color and eventually turn into white or dirty white in most cases. Fish experts such as marine biologist believe that these gold fish practically need enough sunlight, and once there is not enough light coming from the sun, these gold fish will lose their golden color.

The usual change of color from gold to white is mostly natural, thus gold fish owners may need not worry once their gold fish started to lose their bright golden color. It’s simply normal according to the experts. Moreover, they suggest that once you feel or observe that these gold fish of yours are changing its golden color, you may feed them eventually with colored food which is available in the market. In so doing, there is a greater probability that the golden color will eventually be restored.

As some experts would suggest, your aquarium or fish pond should be situated in an area where there is enough light coming from the sun. This is in fact one of the pre-requisites in taking care of gold fish. Surely, if there is enough light the gold fish will not only turn healthy but will likewise maintain its vibrant golden color.

Other gold fish owners based on their respective long years of experiences in taking care of these domestic cute pets consider the lack of water as another possible reason for its change of color. Water is where they practically spend all of their lives thus if this is lacking in volume them their normal body system, most especially their color might as well be affected. Hence as pet owners of this gold fish, you must always see to it that the water is more than enough for them and you change it as necessary as possible.

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