Why Do Goldfish Die?

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Why Do Goldfish Die?

All living things die, but many are still surprised on how early their pet gold fish dies in their tanks. Experts believe that a goldfish can live for more than 10 years if cared properly. There had been different debates on why the mortality rates of pet goldfish are high. One of the primary reasons behind these deaths is neglect by the owner themselves.

Owners especially those new in the trade think that gold fish (and other type of fishes) just needs a place to swim around, like a tank for example. Unfortunately, having a tank filled with water is not enough to keep them alive. It should be constantly cleaned from time to time. The water should be regularly replaced as well.

When you notice that the water on your fish tank is not as clear as before or a little cloudy, it needs immediate cleaning right away. This cloud of ‘waste materials, is composed of fish ‘feces, and other waste materials that can cause harm to your beloved pets. Doing a little research on how to properly treat them can extend their lifespan dramatically.

The gold fish that you get in fairs tend to die quicker than those bought in the pet store. This type of goldfish is sometimes called ‘feeder fish, and is not expected to live long. But there are a few ‘hardy, ones that are won and kept as pets that live for years. All fish lovers agree that the care that is given to them is the deciding factor whether a fish would live long or die young.

Sometimes love is not enough, you should also take action and make sure that they are getting all the things that they need to survive. Goldfish like all human pets are too dependent on their owners. Responsibility is the key factor that affects them the most.

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  1. Aaron

    November 17, 2016 8:29 pm

    Thank you for your advice. I bought a feeder fish to save and get a pet cheap. Poor people with children can get pets for them cheap. It died in 1 day. I took very good care of it. I think that my roommate killed him out of jealousy or some satanic ritual. I don’t know. Do you know of any way that I can protect my fish from a violent mortal?


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