Why do Goldfish turn black?

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Why do Goldfish turn black?

I think at one point or another we have all owned a goldfish at least once in our lifetime. Whether it was from winning it at one of those local fairs that comes into town every so often, or it was just bought at the store to keep as a pet. We also know how difficult it can be to take care of a goldfish because they are very fragile creatures and tend to die as quickly as you get it to your house. One of the most common mistakes that people make that lead to the deaths of the goldfish is the fact that we want to keep it happy and healthy by feeding it, but sometimes we over do it a little bit and the fish suffocates.

That is not the most severe mistake that we make, though. We have all seen it when there appear to be little black spots showing up on the fish’s body after a day or so. This is caused by the ammonia levels of the water in the fish tank not being at the proper limit and thus causing small kinds of burns on the body of the fish. The black spots are actually the fishes way of telling us that they are healing, but the damage is usually already done and the fish might just die soon thereafter. It is unfortunate, but it really does happen even if it is not done intentionally.

So, while it is never easy to lose a pet no matter what its size or shape is, it is definitely wise to always live and learn based on your past experiences and mistakes. It can only help you when you are faced with the decision of whether to buy another pet and how to keep it healthy and safe at all times. It would be nice if these creatures could handle things on their own and we could all just sit back and admire their beauty and grace, but life is not like that and we must always play our parts as well.

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