Why do gorillas often bask in the sun?

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Gorillas belong to the ape family, and are usually found in the tropical regions of Africa. Their behavior is closely related to that of humans, and they are considered a smart species with the ability to comprehend. A common sight in the tropics is that of gorillas lying around in various positions, basking in the sun and people often wonder why!

A crisp answer may as well be that they like it. Because they possess human-like brains, gorillas often do things that are pleasure-driven. Whereas other animals tend to do things with a sense of survival, gorillas often bask in the sun because they feel ‘good’.

Then again, all is not about pleasure. The sun is a good source of energy for animals, and it helps them to charge up. Animal bodies function at a higher temperature, and to reach it they need an external source of energy. It is quite common to see other animals beside the gorilla, taking in the sun. In fact, some of the larger reptiles, like the crocodile, will stay put for hours on end, before they reach the desired body temperature.

Many mammals having furs tend to clean themselves in the sun. A typical routine is to dip in a water body and dry up in the sun. Gorillas, like other mammals, will tend to stroke their fur while drying. This helps in getting rid of skin pests and hosts.

When we bask in the sun, we do it for comfort and pleasure. Gorillas are the closest counterpart to man in the animal kingdom, and their behavior is often reminiscent of us. For them basking in the sun is a mixture of pleasure and duty!

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