Why do great nations fall?


Why do great nations fall?

Over the course of history, there had been many countries and nations that were able to achieve the state of greatness. Some of the nations considered to be great are the United States of America, Great Britain, China and Europe. For one nation to be considered great, one major requirement to proclaimed one is the presence of unwavering power. The possession of power of one nation is one indicator that such nation has the capacity to influence other countries and to rule its people towards a unified success.

However, many people have accounted that most great nations are gradually meeting the fall. Studies have been made and it revealed that there are underlying factors that causes many great nations to fall. Great nations fall because it is contains within the country’s history. At one point or another, failure among many countries has been met by the leaders and authorities, who once ruled the nation. It is not something new therefore, that great nations eventually fall, as evidenced in history. Another reason why great nations fall is because of the fall of the inner core. As the basic unit of the society, families dictate the degree of unity that is contained in every country. Once poor family ties dominate, great nations eventually meet its fall. In addition to that, another potent but less perceptible force is the power of ideas, which was found to create a significant impact to the fall of any great nations. The decline of values of the people consisting one nation is an important signal that such nation is falling. The values contained in one nation are an indicator of how people live and how the nation is being ruled. With its decline, it only indicates that the nation is not one.

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  1. Samuel R. Mackey

    November 29, 2011 6:28 am

    I do feel that the basics of the article are correct, but the main ingredient is missing. There is a God who is in control of the existance of every body and every thing that exist.

    If one were to look into the rise of great nations, you will find that,the spirit of unity is the ingrediant which started the foundation of their greatness. When they become so selfcentered that they hope to build without God they begin to erode. In the book of Genesis there is an example of the first united force of man to become a great nation. A man called NIMROD who was a great hunter and clearly a great leader convinced his people that they can build a tower to heaven.

    The people agreed with Nimrod and they were well on their way in the construction of the tower. However the one ingredient they left out was GOD. God must be at the core of all stability,when he is left out there will only be confusion and distruction. The tower mentioned above succeeded until God put them into confusion. God is the only being that is ETERNAL AND OMNIPRESENT. There is none beside Him, when ever man develope the idea that they are self existant, they are well on their way to failure.

    What God require of us is that we love and respect HIM, HE is the one who created us all and by His will we are created. The next thing HE require of us is to feed the hungry,cloth the naked and look after the dispossed, in other word take care of our fellowman who cannot take care of themselves. Jesus Christ when He walked the earth gave us two requirement which God expects of us Love The Lord,thy God and our fellow man as ourself. See (Mark 12:28-31)


    April 22, 2012 7:54 pm

    Ruined our great Savings and Loan Industry
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    Modernization of Commodities Market—from Investment to Casino Derivative Of America
    2 very dumb invasions of two of most poor -most unarmed nations on earth=OIL OIL OIL
    Ruined our International Reputation as a Do Good Christian nation to Big Bully Devil.
    Stood by as Freak Marketeers ruined our Housing Industry.
    Stood by as Casino Derivative of America ruined the World Financial Industry.
    Impeached a Great President for petty political gains that created long term animosity between two parties.
    Attempted to destroy Safety Nets that make America great middle class
    Implemented Tax Codes that permitted redistribution of Wealth to top (10%) who now own (73%) of all Net Wealth and (83%) of all Financial Wealth and take home (50%) of all individual income.
    Today, they have taken America to ranking in oecd nations as (# 2) as Least Taxed—(# 2) as least taxed corporations and horror horror (# 4) on Inequality from bottom 5 in 1980.
    Since 1980, their Spend & Borrow policies are, mainly, responsible for adding 14,000 Billion to a 1000 Billion debt
    Fought the great GI Bill.
    Fought the WWII Draft
    Installed strict laws which created 57 % of prison inmates on Marijuana use charges which make us lead the world in prison population.
    Refuse to control the drug Beer.
    There are many many more baddies.
    REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVES AS WAS DONE IN 2001-2002-2003-2004-2005-2006.
    clarence swinney political historian lifeaholics of america
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  3. nobody

    April 6, 2013 7:46 am

    i think because they became arrogant to the point where they conquer the world around them, and they ignore their enemy, or rivals who are growing power every second, every minute, every hour, and they get surprised by the results of power their enemies have, But would that apply to the U.S. with all the technology, satellites that are watching the entire world, and the strongest weapons and the control over the ENTIRE WORLD, i doubt that it’ll happen, or at least anytime soon, if it happens soon that means Russia, Iran, North Korea all waged war on U.S. using nuke weapons and other war-illegal weapons and all of U.S.’s alliance betrayed them and left them/attacked them, might sound dramatic but this is the only possible way that the U.S. might fall in my opinion…


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