Why do grizzly bears have humps?

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Grizzly bears are part of the brown bear family and are sometimes referred to as the North American brown bear.  In terms of behavior, most grizzly bears prefer to live alone.  There are cases though wherein some grizzly bears may socialize with other bears and this is especially noticeable when they are found in areas where there are bodies of water like lakes and ponds.  Many people are afraid of grizzly bears because of their very large size. Their bodies can weigh as much as 1000 pounds depending on their age and sex.  Grizzly bears can also grow to as tall as 8 inches towering over humans and many animals.  In terms of appearance, grizzly bears are said to have a noticeable hump on their backs.

The hump at the back of grizzly bears is one characteristic that defines them from other bears.  Aside from being a characteristic physical trait, the humps are actually composed of a big muscle tissue that helps grizzly bears get power.  The humps basically serve to generate enough strength for the grizzly bears to drag down or attack other animals when in a fight or encounter.  In their quest for food for example, grizzly bears need to have some kind of a power move for their arms and their humps provide just enough muscle strength for activities that require them to be strong and aggressive.

Grizzly bears are known to be omnivores and they feed on both plants and other animals.  In the case of bigger animals like deer, sheep, and black bears for example, the humps on their back come in very handy because of the required power to restrain and hold on to their prey.  The humps on the grizzly bear’s back do not only provide a distinct appearance but rather provide a very useful power when needed.

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