Why do guinea pigs bite?

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Why do guinea pigs bite?

1.  They bite because they want to communicate something.  Since they can’t talk, the only thing to send a message is biting. If they don’t like how they are held, or they felt comfortable with their position, they may bite your hand or nibble your clothes.

2. They bite because they wanted to be freed.  When you hold a guinea pig for sometime and they wanted to pee, their way to communicate is to bite you.  This indicates that they want to go to the toilet to urinate . Guinea pigs have manners so they don’t wan their owners to get wet because of their urine.

3. Some guinea pigs bite the cage.  This is an indication that their master is taking so long to prepare the food.  They bite the cage to show that they want to eat as soon as possible.

4. Others just want special attention so they also bite their cages.  They are lonely or bored so they want a companionship.  Guinea pigs also need happiness and freedom and if they can’t have these, they bite the bars because of depression.

5. Once the guinea pig is infected with mites, they become uncomfortable and irritable.  This is the reason why they bite because they are too sensitive that they don’t want to be caressed.  As a sign of distress and disproval of the touching and picking, the animal will just bite.

6. Be careful in feeding the guinea pig because it might bite you accidentally. Instead of eating the food, they might nibble your finger thinking it was still part of the sumptuous diet.

7. Biting is also used to groom another guinea pig.  Nibbling or biting is one way to clean their fellow animal.

Biting has many uses and this may mean a lot for them and to their owners that’s why we need to understand these animals if we felt their bite.

Author: Hari M

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