Why do Guys like breasts?

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Why do Guys like breasts?

Guys like breasts. This has been known for a long time, but why? Is the woman’s body naturally beautiful or is it because the breasts are “forbidden” and hidden at most times to the rest of the world. There are many reasons as to why guys like breasts and the answer will be known when we know whether the chicken or the egg came first.

In society a person’s private parts are hidden from the public view. This includes a womans breasts (among other things). Many people believe that when one thing is forbidden or hidden, we want to actually see it where if it is openly viewed it becomes just another thing and less desirable. The most desirable things in life are the ones that are difficult to obtain.

Others believe that the woman’s body is all around beautiful. What makes a woman’s body beautiful is the natural curvature such as the breasts flowing seamlessly to the waist back out to accentuate the buttocks. Though this depends on every man’s tastes (some like big women, others like skinny), the woman’s body is most definitely a beautiful sight.

Maybe men like breasts because they are soft like a pillow. They just have a great feel to them no matter what size or color, how real or fake they are, just feeling them is better than a quick peek. The sense of touch is very powerful to men and the feel of a breast is one of great pleasure.

Though we may never know why men like breasts, one thing will remain constant, they always will. So women can continue to show them off and tease men with the different clothes they wear. Women know men like breasts and they will always use this to their advantage.

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