Why do Guys like long hair?

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Why do Guys like long hair?

Guys are more attracted to women having long hair because it speaks of the personality of the girl. Men want their women to be feminine. If a girl has long hair that sways gracefully while she walks, it allures men. It makes them feel more masculine than being with the girl with a short hair.

During ancient times, women are bound to have long hair because it adds attractiveness to their faces. The hair is the crowning glory so any girl having long hair can be beautiful. What even makes the eye-catching is her long, shiny, and well combed hair.

Long hair has also advantages for the girl. They can create different looks with variety of coiffeur. This adds more surprises to the man. Girls having short hair look ordinary and simple so men are not that aroused seeing these girls.

Another theory why men like long hair is the health factor. Long hair is a sign of fertility. Ancient times tell us that men pay attention to women with long hair because it speaks of having good genes. Women who are able to grow long hair means they are not sickly and they are capable of producing healthier offsprings.

In modern times, men are becoming more practical because they don’t mind whether girls’ hair is short or long. But some men are bound by culture. They still prefer long hair because it depicts of womanhood. Women having long hair are known to be refined and charming. Men just love that. They want their girl to be poised and elegant-looking.

The hair is also aromatic. Men love to smell a girl’s hair. It stimulates them to be more sexually active. They also love to caress a girl by touching the hair. For guys, touching a girls’ hair is a message that they like that girl and they wanted to take care of her forever.

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