Why Do Gynecologists Do Rectal Exams?

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Why Do Gynecologists Do Rectal Exams?

Gynecologists do rectal exams for various reasons, but very importantly, to would-be mothers or pregnant women in order for her to check and feel certain irregularities that the person may be undergoing in view of her pregnancy. The anus or rectum is one important part of the body that can tell the gynecologist in determining what suggestions and medical advice will be given to his or her patient. Once the gynecologist start the check-up process in view of her patient or client, the said doctor will ask her first with all the necessary and related questions that will help the doctor in giving practical help to the one asking for her opinion.

The process of the rectal or anal check-up or exam is this: the gynecologist will foremost explain a bit to the patient of the thing that he or she will be going to do in order to see what is needed with the pregnancy of the client. The doctor will then get a Vaseline lube or any slimy lubricant and apply it to his or her gloved finger and then insert the said lubricated finger into the anus. This process will eventually move the patient’s uterus, fallopian tube and even the ovaries as well near the person’s abdomen.

This process is also the very manner done in view of the so-called Pap smear test or the process of knowing whether the person is actually pregnant and the fetus inside the uterus is normal and has no irregularities. This is a very important way which every gynecologist practice in maintaining the normal growth of the fetus and at the same time to give practical tips to the pregnant woman such as the type of food to eat, exercise and other ways in order to facilitate an easy pregnancy. Hence, as pregnant women, take this practice as something essential for the health of your baby and for your pregnancy too.

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