Why do Hamsters eat their Babies?

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Why do Hamsters eat their Babies?

The reasons for the Hamsters eating their babies are not known. The pups that are born to hamsters are small and very weak. The surrounding world is dangerous and may be harmful to the pups. The hamsters might feel that the surrounding dangers may kill their baby hamsters. Probably, they eat them away to protect them from these dangers. Another opinion is that the Hamsters are quite overwhelmed at the big number of babies which they think as highly difficult for them to handle. If the baby hamsters are found to be unhealthy or sick, then the Hamsters may eat them away. If anyone touches the nest and cleans it or disturbs it, then out of fear of their babies getting killed, parent hamsters eat them off.

The babies are too small to generate heat in their bodies. As they do not possess any fur to protect them from cold temperatures, it might become inevitable for the parent hamsters to eat them in order to save them. Another opinion is that the parent hamsters eat their babies as they themselves need more nutrients for survival. They find that they can gain a lot of nutritious and rich diets in eating their babies so they eat them to fill up the required nourishment for themselves.

If the babies are born outside the nest area, then the mother hamsters cannot recognize them as their own babies, hence, eat them away. The mothers also see to it that the surviving babies will have sufficient food. In order to assure food sufficiency for the babies, some of them are eaten by the mother hamsters so that existing food will meet the requirements.

When we see a nest where the mother and the pups are, then, there is not much that we can do for them except provide them the warm and comfortable surroundings as well as good food to ensure their survival.

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