Why Do Hamsters run on Wheels?

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Why Do Hamsters run on Wheels?

If one were to encounter a hamster in the wild, the hamster would not be running on a wheel ‘š so why are wheels a necessity in a hamster cage?

Hamsters are nocturnal animals. If you have not noticed, your critter probably stirs mostly at night. These animals have a high metabolic rate. This means that it is necessary for them to expend energy. If they do not, this wreaks havoc to their health, and you will be putting your hamster in a shoebox, six feet under, before you know it.

To keep their furry friends alive, pet owners buy hamsters wheels, affording them the opportunity to run. Hamsters run about 6 miles every night. Think of the wheels as the rodent version of a treadmill. The exercise is a much-needed release for your little guy. As opposed to a hamster ball, the animals can get in and out without assistance so they can refresh themselves if necessary.

The wheels themselves come in a variety of materials. Consult your local pet store when getting ready to make a purchase as certain breeds of hamsters have their favorites.

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