Why Do Hands Peel?

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Why Do Hands Peel?

There could be several possible reasons why your hand and skin in other parts of your body peels. One of the possible reasons is the Exfoliative Keratolysis. It is also know as focal palm feeling or an excessive peeling of the skin in your palm.

This skin health condition may be caused by blisters on the palms and on fingers and can also cause eczema. Hand Dermatitis is also one of the possible reasons why the hands peel. It is most commonly known as the hand eczema. Nonetheless this health condition usually comes in various symptoms and cause.

Ringworm Fungi could also cause the peeling of the hands and palm. Hence this can cause moderate hand peeling compared to other skin health problems that may also cause hand peel. It could also be a cause of Psoriasis.

It is also an infection which is one of the possible reasons why your hand peels. The only difference is that this skin condition does not only occur in the hands but to any part of the body. Presence of the scaly rash on your skin is one of the major symptoms of this skin condition aside from the peeling of the skin.

Therefore if you notice this in your hands aside from hand peeling then you are possibly experiencing hand psoriasis. The hands could also feel because of allergies in detergents or the soap that you use when you are doing the laundry. To avoid this, you will have to wear hand gloves every time you need to wash and use soap that can irritate your hands.

The hands are important part of the body. This is commonly used at works regardless of your profession. Come to think of it, even infant and newly born babies are already using their hands to do something isn’t it? So, you ought to take extra care for your hands.

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