Why Do Heels Crack?

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Why Do Heels Crack?

Cracked heels are those which you can find on your feet just like the horrible appearance of cracks on the soil. If the fissures are not that deep, then we can consider the problem as a cosmetic issue rather than a health problem. However, there are some instances that a cracked heel can be very deep in which it tends to bleed and cause a lot of pain in every step. When a person has cracked heels, he must ensure that he takes care of it to avoid infection. You may find dry skin under your foot which is callused heavily.

So why do heels really crack? What are the causes of having cracked heels? First, this is a foot problem due to a disease called Xerosis. The dry skin affects the sides or bottom part of the foot resulting to flakes and dryness. Due to some activities such as walking and jogging, the pressure on the foot makes the skin peel and split. People who tend to stand for long periods of time are very prone with cracked heels. This is because their weight is concentrated on their heels. There are some conditions that may also cause dry skin like psoriasis, dehydration and eczema. In addition to this, cracked heels are commonly caused by heel spurs, high arched feet and even athlete’s foot.

People who have cracked heels may notice that their feet have thicker and callused skin. The cracks are often shallow and run from the sides of the feet to the other edge of the feet. It may also be seen to have darker colors than usual. Dirt finds its way to fit in those fissures. Oftentimes, the cracks bleed and may cause infection if not treated. Because of the breaking of the skin, bacteria might enter and cause more serious damage.

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