Why do Hemorrhoids Bleed?

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Why do Hemorrhoids Bleed?

Hemorrhoids are veins that are swollen in the rectum and anus. There are three types of hemorrhoids. They are internal hemorrhoids, prolapsed hemorrhoids, and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are formed due to the veins in the rectum and they bleed without any pain. Prolapsed hemorrhoids are stretched till the anal region or sometimes will get bulged to outside. The external hemorrhoids are formed outside the anus and they are painful and they bleed when they break. Hemorrhoids are caused when the person strains much during the bowel movement. It might result due to diarrhea or constipation or by sitting in the toilet for long time or due to obesity, lifting heavy weights and other activities involved with strain.

It is observed that many people have the chances of getting hemorrhoids. But those parents who have them can also observe the hemorrhoids in their children. Generally pregnant ladies can observe the presence of hemorrhoids due to heavy strain they experience when carrying the baby. The hemorrhoids will bleed sometimes. The rectal bleeding may not be always due to hemorrhoids. It is reported that one in four cases of rectal bleeding if not by hemorrhoids or anal fissures might be due to a serious disease like cancer.

The actual bleeding that occurs in the hemorrhoids is not very much as it gets mixes up with the mucus secreted from the anal walls. This will increase its volume and when it comes out along with stools gets mixed up with water and appears lot more in volume than it actually is. The swelling of the veins takes place due to increased hydraulic blood pressure. When the vein swells, its wall gets thinner. The hard substance in the stool can scrape it, which will cause the hemorrhoids to bleed. The swelling of the veins also result from the strain created by hard stools. The bleeding from hemorrhoids will not be dark in color but will be brighter. Dark colored bleeding might be due to any other serious disease. Bleeding can also be due to other reasons like anal fissures, warts, fistulas or anything. It is necessary to get it treated immediately when it is diagnosed. Otherwise it can lead to infections inside.

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