Why Do Hermit Crabs Die?

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Many people today are choosing to adopt a hermit crab as their pet. These exotic and unique pets will require some special attention in order to provide them with adequate care and to ensure that one does not kill them. Ã’šÃ‚ The first thing that one will need to keep in mind when they choose to own a hermit crab is that to live comfortable in captivity they will need a few things. Failure to provide the hermit crab with these essentials can cause your new pet to die.

One of the most basic things that your hermit crab will need is a temperature of no lower than 72 degrees F. If the temperature is lower than this, the hermit crab will die. Also take caution not to let the hermit crab get to hot as this will also cause the creature to die. Overheating a hermit crab is a long and painful death, so take caution not to do that.

One will also need to make sure that the hermit crab has a constant source of humidity and this humidity level should be at least 70 percent. Think of it like this, inside the hermit crabs cage it should have the moist tropical feel. Failure to provide your hermit crab with this humidity will also result in the death of your new pet.

Of course your hermit crab will also die if one does not provide him with food and water. This goes without saying. If one follows the above instructions they can ensure that their hermit crab will live a long and healthy life. One should also make sure that they have a adequate cage for their hermit crab. These are fun and exotic pets but without the proper care they can die. So make sure that one follows all the above and their hermit crab will be safe.

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  1. Crabbyjo

    January 10, 2011 8:37 pm

    Some other very important points that will help your hermit crab live a long healthy life with you is to make sure you provide fresh, dechlorinated water. This can be tricky. If you choose to give tap water, you MUST condition it with a water conditioner for aquariums that is made to remove heavy metals and chloramines. Unfortunately nothing removes fluoride except reverse osmosis water filters. If you have one, then you have safe water for your crabs. If not, it is best to offer distilled water, as spring water as well is run through a filter that can become somewhat ineffectual before it is exchanged for a new one, therefore you have no way of knowing just how “pure” the spring water is. Best to use a conditioner as well if you use “spring water”. As for distilled, know that all the “good” has been removed, and in this case it is vital that you offer a marine water source as well for your crabs. You should be offering marine water as a given, and yes, Purple Pincer crabs can live without it. But they do so by recycling the salt from their urine, causing more stress on their bodies. Not having enough ocean salt water can also lead to molting difficulties. Marine salt water should be used, as opposed to those mixes that are sold specifically sold for hermit crabs. Some home experiments have been done, and it was discovered that the hermit crab salt waters had 0% gravity in them, meaning the salt did not even register. The marine salts also offer vital nutrients that your land hermit crabs need, and it would be a disservice to not offer them the ocean salt water they need. If you offer distilled water, the marine salt water will replace the nutrients that have been removed from the fresh distilled water.
    you owe it to your crabs to educate yourself about their best care. Temperature, humidity and water are extremely important, but are only the beginning. Visit http://www.hermitcrabparadise.com and read the care sheets offered there to help you understand better just what your crabs need for a long healthy life in captivity.


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