Why do hickeys hurt?

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Hickey is a bruise that is created due to the damaged blood vessel underneath the skin. The condition that is created when the hickeys are created is called medically as hematoma. If the skin is sucked very hard and deep, it results in hickeys. If the sucking is not done so hard and is only superficial, then it might not hurt much. The skin may become sore after sometime if the hickeys made are too deep. This condition might lead to large bruises further.

If the person who gives hickeys makes it for long and harder especially at tender places like neck region that might result in a severe wound later. As the skin at the neck region is very soft, it might get damaged very easily. Hickeys will remain like that for some time and as time passes by they get healed up like any other small wounds.

Hickeys hurt physically as well as emotionally. The person who has the hickeys will not be able to walk freely in the public. It will be awkward to have such bruises on the exposed regions of the body. So, hickeys might hurt emotionally when people look at them and make fun of them. Hickeys might cause blood clotting at those areas and the people might be very unhealthy to have them on the body. If the individual who got hickey has sensitive skin, it is more difficult to avoid it becoming sore in less time.

Probably, some people have an opinion on the hickeys being given very gently and are not at all painful. Hickeys are also given without destroying the blood vessels that exist below the skin. They can be given smoothly in such a way that the partner likes it and loves it. In that case hickeys will not hurt. They have to be applied with some ointment or some medicine to get healed and not hurt anymore.

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