Why do hindus wear a red dot ?

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A question like why do Hindus wear a red dot is very difficult to answer as the red dot means something again nothing. Breaking the words ‘It means something again nothing’ means here that now a days different people, of course Hindus take the tradition of wearing a red dot differently. All of us must have gotten it that it is actually a kind of Hindu tradition that has been coming from centuries.

Though earlier the Hindu females were seen to adopt this culture in large numbers than of Hindu men, now a days it is seen that many Hindu men are also getting a lot in number. Probably they are turning a culture into the fashion.

But for some who seek to go deep in their religion of Hinduism to seek the meaning of wearing a red dot it is said in the books of the Hindu religion that Hindus usually have three eyes. Two literal eyes that every one can see and there is an eye of the heart and the red dot in the centre of the two eye brows, might be a little higher, denotes the third eye and symbolizes that they have not forgotten their books, what there ancestors have left them.

Having said this it is also a matter of concern that not only Hindus but also people of other religion are also seen to use the red dot. Then again there is a rising fever of wearing red dots in case of married Hindu women and black dots for unmarried Hindu Women. So, there are a mixture of emotions and deep interpretations of religion lurk inside it but they actually do it as their ancestors have left them in such way and they ( the Hindus ) like to copy their ancestors.

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