Why do Hindus Worship Cows?

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Why do Hindus Worship Cows?

Hinduism is a very ancient religion which has originated when no other religion was there. The culture and tradition that is developed by Hinduism is partly acceptable to other cultures and some find the culture in Hinduism to be illogical. The Western culture believes in eating the beef while Hindus consider cows as sacred.

India is an agriculture based country and most of the Indians are Hindus. Most of the people are vegetarian. Milk, curd and butter are important sources of nutrition. Cow was very much useful in olden days. The cow milk, cow urine and cow dung were used by the people daily. The cow dung was believed to be good mosquito and insect repellant. It was used in olden days to mop the muddy floors in the houses as it keeps the house clean and hygienic. Cow dung was also used as manure for plants. Cow dung when dried was used as fuel for cooking purpose. Cow urine was also considered as sacred and sprinkled in the houses which are newly constructed so that the house will get rid of all forms of insects. The cows were used for pulling the cart during the traveling. When the agricultural land has to be ploughed, cows are utilized for this purpose to pull the agricultural equipment.

In olden days many rich people used to have their property as land and cows. Owning more number of cows was a matter of privilege in those days. Cows are respected a lot by Hindus and were considered as member of the family. Donating a cow to the poor was one of the good deeds in Hindu society. The Indian cows are habituated to eat green grass. Cows are considered to be dearer to several Hindu Gods. The sacred scriptures in Hinduism like Ramayana, Mahabharatha and Bhagwat Gita stressed the significance of cows in Hindu religion. Hindus are instructed in scriptures to worship cows.

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