Why do hispanics come to America?

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Why do hispanics come to America?

Hispanics is a multitude of various cultures with different political views, customs, religious, familial, and other conventions that make each group unique and sometimes similar to others. As a culture primarily denoted as ruled by the Spanish Empire in its history, Hispanics is mainly composed of Mexico, Cuba and the majority of the Central and South American countries, and most of the Greater Antilles. Over the years, evident Hispanicization has been occurring, particularly in the United States of America. This is a process whereby a certain location or a group o f people inculcate in them the characteristics of the Hispanic culture and society, in general.

As palpably seen today, Hispanics have come to dominate the United States of America. Over the years, it has become an inevitable trend that Hispanics come to America. There are four different Hispanic groups being classified. Regardless of its ethnicity, one common reason why they come to America is basically for labor. Taking for instance the Mexican Americans, who have traditionally taken the role of migrant workers doing farm work. The Puerto Ricans, on the other hand, have a stronger grasp in the United States, as they are deemed to part of the nation’s territory. Another groups is the Cubans, who have come to America to better find their freedom from the plots of oppression and exploitation. Another prevalent Ethnic group that has immigrated to the United States is the Venezuelan Americans. Contrary to the other Hispanic groups, whose purpose of migration is for work and liberation, the Venezuelan Americans intended to go to America to go to school, specifically to obtain a college degree. After they have graduated, they opt to stay in the country.

Having various purposes, the Hispanics never fail to express their distinct cultures.

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