Why Do Honey Bees Swarm?

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Why Do Honey Bees Swarm?

A swarm of honeybees moving through the air with all the bees moving in one direction is one of nature’s most interesting sights to see. It can be intimidating because of the fear that it creates. It is actually a natural occurrence that happens to every honeybee colony being an instinctive part of their life cycle to ensure its continuity.

Swarming happens when the bees is dividing its existing colony to create a new one. This is their way of ensuring the propagation of their species. It is actually a planned event wherein the bees that leave the colony prepare in advance.

It happens for several reasons. One is that the colony has become too large that their existing hive has become too overcrowded for them. Thus a portion of the colony together with their old queen leaves the hive in search for a new one. Another is because of depleting food supplies. A part of the colony needs to move to another area where food is abundant so that they may continue to live.

Swarming usually occurs between the months of late spring to early summer. This is the time that the population of the colony reaches its peak. Because of the increase in the population of the colony, the old queen together with workers and drones leave the colony in search for a new home. The swarm usually does not fly away far from the old hive until the scout bees have found a suitable new home for them. The ones left behind will be lead by a new queen bee.

One must not be afraid of these swarms because they really cause no harm. They will just attack when they feel that they are being threatened. No need to fear them for it is their way of ensuring their survival.

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