Why Do Horse Flies Bite?

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Why Do Horse Flies Bite?

Horse flies are insects that belong to the order Diptera and family Tabanidea. They are often considered to be pests however they play an important role as pollinators of flowers. The bites from this insect especially from the large specimens can be painful if not treated immediately. This is because horse flies have tiny serrated mandibles that tear the flesh the flesh apart. These bites become itchy and may sometimes lead to swelling of the area if not treated right away.

These insects are intermittent feeders, which is the reason why they tend to move from host to host until they have had enough. It is usually the female that feed on blood. It is usually mammals that are their source of blood although, there are other species that also take on birds, amphibians and reptiles or whatever is available that will give them the blood meal that they need. Female horse flies need a constant supply of blood in order to reproduce properly. Male horse flies on the other hand usually feed on pollen and nectar making them an important part in the pollination process of plants.

The bites that horse flies make are painful because it usually tears the top layer of the skin exposing and licking the blood. It can sometimes be more irritating than a bee sting. When no medical attention is given, swelling and itching of the bitten area immediately occurs. One must be wary of horse fly bites because it can cause allergies that will lead to rashes, wheezing and hives. People that are allergic to insect bites may even experience swelling and itching around the lips and the eye area. The patient may also experience the feeling of being dizzy and weak. When bitten, there is the risk of getting an infection so better bring the patient to be treated right away.

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