Why Do Horses Need Shoes?

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Why Do Horses Need Shoes?

Person needs to wear shoes to protect their feet from wear and scratch when walking so as the horses. Horses moves biologically with four basic steps that corresponds to a certain kilometer per hour. Amazing isn’t it? But the person who made their shoes is more amazing. How did he/ she know that the horse needed a shoe? Isn’t he once a horse? Perhaps his too intellectual to know the horses’ needs.

Horses need shoes to keep them from walking and running. Whether it is a wild or a domestic horse, it needs shoes to avoid pain. All horses walks, therefore, all needs shoes! There are several types of horse’ shoes and it is made from wide range of materials like steel, titanium, aluminum etc. For others, shoes alleged to be their horse’ luck.

The type of horse shoe depends on the walking or running activity. The horse that joins an equestrian event, polo, show jumping activities needs a shoe that made from steel for long ‘šterm hooves protection. However, the horse in the wild needs any kind of shoes to simply avoid its hooves from splitting. To keep the horse away from sliding on an icy place, shoes with corks on base to use for clutch. Whatever type of shoe your horse need, the key for it is that the shoes should be in order; it will make your horse walk and run comfortably.

To know more about the details of the type and size of shoes that will suite your horse hooves, coordinate to the farrier for they are specialist in hoof care. Wrong putting of shoes also has an impact to the horse. The horse may turn out to be lame. Lame is the term in which the animal that falls down to trek using the four feet. Also, the type of shoes could affect the horse’ gait and could improve their performance.

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