Why do Horses Sleep Standing Up?

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Why do Horses Sleep Standing Up?

Horses are one of the wild animals in nature. These animals are also the one of the most helpful animals in the wild that can carry people. In fact it is also one of the animals that is mostly seen in ancient movies as a means of transportation in the past centuries.

Horses are really useful animals; hence there is one thing that you should need to know about these animals. Its sleep s while it’s standing. Yes this fact is very true and proven; in fact there are several individuals who are wondering why these animals are sleeping while they are on a standing position.

Well, you must be wondering also. One main reason is that horses are susceptible to its predators once it lay down. The reason is for the animal to be able to immediately run once attacked by their predators. In a point of fact, there are also other animals that can sleep while they are on standing position.

Another main reason why horses sleep standing up is their massive body. Once they lie down for hours, particularly the large horses, their weight can crush their lungs. This is also the reason why surgeries in horses is too risky even though there can be a lot of reasons and complications.

Horses’ legs can lock in a certain place that enables them to fall asleep while they are standing. Aside from that, horses can feel that comfortable lying down while they sleep. Most of the sleeping hours of a horse is during daytime, once the night falls horses are typically awake because they are extra cautious when it comes to preys that can attack them anytime.

Horses have straight back, so they cannot quickly get up. This is also one of the reasons why they are not that comfortable lying down, not even when they are sleeping. If by chance you see horse lying down, it is sick.

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