Why do Hotels have bibles?

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Why do Hotels have bibles?

Hotels are provided with Bibles by a group called as Gideons. Gideons are a group of Christian individuals who normally distribute Bibles to hotels and hospitals. Earlier, they used to distribute the Bible to schools. Recently, the court had restricted the distribution of Bibles to the schools. Gideons are not scholars or teachers of Bible, but business men who just distribute Bibles. They get the funding from Churches and individuals and make use of this money for distributing Bibles at many places. They give bibles to hospitals, prisons, and motel rooms. They seem to have got good feedback regarding this work. They receive letters praising them for their service which has helped the desperate to read the Bible in bad situations that have turned their lives.

Gideons were named after a “man of God” mentioned in the Old Testament. Gideon name appears in the 6th chapter in the Book of Judges. It was written in the book that God used Gideon to successfully finish a great fight for the children of Israel. Many people have a great opinion about the Gideons distributing Bible to the people, as it has helped them in the right time and at the right place. Gideons are performing an awesome prayer by giving the Holy book to various groups of people in the public. Gideons were recognized as the saintly group who attempted to spread the knowledge of gospel to the whole world. Gideons are treated as Christian business and professional men.

In the year 1900, they used to keep Bibles in the reception section of the hotel while by 1908, this organization started to distribute Bibles to each of the hotel rooms. It was reported that within 20 years period this organization has distributed around one million Bibles to the Hotel rooms. The main purpose of Gideons is to give knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and his greatness to all men, women, boys and girls.

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