Why do Humans have to Die?

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Why do Humans have to Die?

This question can be answered in many ways. But for me, I would like to look at it in two perspectives.

Godly Perspective

What does the bible say about this? In the beginning, humans aren’t supposed to die. We were created to be with God for all eternity as it was written in the bible in the book of Genesis. But, because of SIN which infiltrated man through his disobedience, we have lost our authority over to the devil. If we’re going to read the scripture Romans 6:23, it clearly says ‘For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord., We were bound to death ever since the fall of man and we cannot do anything to change that fact.

Fortunately, God has already offered a solution and that is through believing in Christ Jesus and what He did for us on the cross at Calvary thousands of years ago. Now, the concept of dying has changed. We can see that dying is just another form of transition, from our life here on earth to an eternal life with the Lord.

Scientific Perspective

Dying is a natural phenomenon. Humans, just like any other living things have a certain amount of lifespan to live. From the tiniest part of our body which is the cell, to bigger organs like the eyes, bones etc. All of these wear out in time. They gradually ‘die’ as we grow old and age. When we age, our skin changes, our bones creak, our eyes fail, our ears get messed-up and our memory perishes and so on.

Ageing is inevitable and so is dying. Scientists explain that the human chromosomes have their own timing devices called ‘telomeres‘. This timing device is what we call our ‘biological clock,. In a simpler explanation, consider it as a countdown timer wherein when the biological clock reaches 0, it means we’re going to face death.

Although no one can escape death, there is always a way to prolong it like living a healthy lifestyle, eating right balanced foods, daily exercise, proper medical care and attention and appropriate health education.

In conclusion, dying is a natural cycle of life that we need to accept freely.

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