Why do Humans need sleep?

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Why do Humans need sleep?

Sleep is a natural state of unconsciousness, where all voluntary muscles are at rest and the nerves responsible for sensory stimulation are temporarily not functioning. There are different stages of sleep of which each as their corresponding interpretation and implication. The first stage is considered a light sleep wherein the person can be easily awakened. The second stage is where eye movements stop and the impulse of brain waves starts to mellow done. The third stage is where impulses to the brain are much slower. And on the fourth stage, no eye or muscle activity is evident. The last two stages is also called the deep sleep stage wherein the person is already difficult to awaken and sensation is temporarily impaired.

Sleep is one of the basic needs of man. Sleep is needed for man to physiologically function well. Having a great contribution for the brain’s development, sleep is essential in maintaining normal functions of the body. It allows the brain to rest and rejuvenate after a day’s work. More so, it gives time for the brain to repair whatever neuronal connections have been damaged and reorganize the different input gained throughout the day. Aside from that, sleep enables the heart and lungs to slow down the pace of beating and breathing. It allows these two vital organs to restore the expended oxygen and energy, which are essential for the body to adequately function for next desired activity. In addition to that, sleep is the most immediate cure for a tired and exhausted body. It facilitates repair of damaged or worn out muscles and it permits restoration, rejuvenation and accentuation of the immune system as well as the other systems in the body.

Thus, humans do need sleep to rest the mind, body and spirit.

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