Why do Huskies have Blue Eyes?

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Why do Huskies have Blue Eyes?

Animals have its distinct characteristics. Just like the huskies or a breed of dog which are used as sled dogs in northern regions. Huskies have colored eyes, specifically blue eyes. Aside from the thick fur of these dogs, what made huskies interesting to look at are its eyes.
Some Huskies have brown eyes but mostly these dogs have blue eyes. They can even have different eye colors such as half blue or half brown or even one blue or one brown. These eye colors make Huskies an interesting pet for everyone.
Science can explain why Huskies have blue eyes. Eye color is an observable characteristics of animal. The color of the eye is determined by the pigments in the iris. In the case of Huskies, more blue pigments are present in its eyes that’s why it looks blue.
Genetics can also explain the color of Huskies’ eyes. The combination of the parents’ genetics can determine the colors of the eye. For Huskies, blue eyes are dominant with those dogs so when a male Husky mates with a female husky, naturally, the offspring will have blue eyes.
Eye color is inherited and it is influenced not only by one gene. It is a combination of genes. In the case of Huskies, the blue color of the eyes can be inherited from the parent Huskies. However, there will be variation of colors if a Husky with blue eyes mates with a Husky with brown eyes. The puppy will have the tendency to acquire the most dominant gene. HE may have a pure blue eyes or pure brown eyes or a combination of both.
Eye color in Huskies is also brought about by the low amount of melanin which is a pigment mostly found in organisms. It can be present I the skin as well as the eyes. For eyes to become blue, it has something to do with the pigments present and also the genetic makeup in general.

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